All-in-One Management Panel For Your WordPress Agency

Client billing, server deployment, site management and more in one integrated solution built on WordPress.

Integrated Control Panel

Manage your clients servers, sites and billing in one integrated solution based on standard WordPress plugins.

Replaces Many SaaS Services

A privacy-focused replacement for services such as CloudWays, SpinupWP, GridPane, RunCloud etc.

Powered By WooCommerce

Billing and Subscriptions are handled by WooCommerce.  Use as-is or customize with your existing WP skills.

Self-Service Subscription Options For Your Customers

Don't want to manually handle subscriptions for your agency customers? 

Now you can let them purchase your services, including hosting and even server provisioning, directly from your WooCommerce store.

Customizable Site Control Panel

  • Offer your customers a customizable WP site and server control panel
  • Include only the functions you require
  • 100% your branding
  • Customers may or may not create their own sites and servers (your choice)

An All-In-One Centralized Admin Manager

  • Deploy Servers and Sites For Your Customers
  • Manage Billing
  • Mini-CRM
  • Notes, Links and More!

Complete Server & Site Manager

Everything you need to deploy servers and sites and manage them at all the major cloud service providers.

WPCloudPanel Is PERFECT For Many Types Of Agencies

New Agencies

Just gettings started? We'll make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful.

Agencies Operating a Niche Hosting Service

Are you servicing a particular niche?  Our solution allows you to deploy as many pre-configured site templates as you need.

Agencies Looking To Reduce Costs

Are you an established agency looking to drive down costs?  WPCloudPanel will help you reduce your hosting costs, reduce the amount you spend on SaaS services and more.

Agencies With Privacy Challenges

Are you an agency that is concerned with your and your clients' data?  We'll get that fixed up in an jiffy since all data is controlled by you on your own private VPS.

Extend With Your Favorite WordPress Tools

Add your favorite WordPress tools to extend your WPCloudPanel with CRM, Invoicing, Forms and more.

Use WordPress To Run Your WordPress Agency

Bring all your WordPress skills to bear with an all-in-one WP manager.

Your Own Private WPCloudPanel Instance

You get your own VPS with the WPCloudPanel stack.

Billing, Servers & Sites Tied Together With WooCommerce

Use WooCommerce to automatically bill customers for any hosting and other recurring costs, tied directly to your site and server management toolset.

WordPress Servers In Your Own Cloud Server Account

Deploy your customer servers in your own cloud server accounts. No extravagant 3rd party markups leaves more for you or pass on to your customers.

Data Privacy From Day One

With your own assigned VPS, all data is controlled by you.  You can even choose your own region.

It's privacy by design.

Data Portability

All data is stored in your own WPCloudPanel WordPress instance.  You can take it with you and install on your own servers at any time.

Reduce Downtime

Distribute your customers servers and sites among multiple cloud services and regions.

A failure at one will never take down all your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Included In The WPCloudPanel Agency Product?

We deploy a server at Linode, install the WPCloudDeploy plugin and pre-configure WooCommerce and related plugins for you.

You get a full license to the WPCloudDeploy suite of products.

Do I Get My Own VPS?

Yes, you do.  We give you a choice of 1 CPU, 2 CPUs and 4 CPUs.  

Additionally, we can create dedicated CPU configurations for you upon request.

What Is Included In The Monthly Price?

Included in your flat monthly payment are the following:

  • VPS (Server) charges
  • Bandwidth charges up to your allowance
  • An all-access license to WPCloudDeploy

Can I Take Full Ownership Of The Server In The Future?

Yes!  That's why we chose Linode as the server provider for this service.  They make it easy to transfer a VPS from one account to another.

What Plugins Are Preinstalled?

We pre-install the following plugins for you:

  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • FluentSMTP (for relaying outgoing emails)
  • BeaverBuilder

Who Updates The Preinstalled Plugins?

We do - approximately once every month.

You can apply your own license keys to control the update cycle yourself.  If you are making significant changes to the site (and you likely will be doing that), you probably want to retain control over what is updated and when.

How Does WPCloudPanel Help My Agency Save Money?

You save money in couple of ways:

Hosting Costs
Reduce your hosting costs by managing your own servers and sites using cloud-servers from DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, etc.  These are far more cost efficient than standard WP hosts.

Reduced SaaS Services
Use WP Plugins for things like ticketing and CRM.  WP Plugins are usually priced lower than SaaS.  And, you save time by reducing the number of SaaS services you have to juggle.

Do We Get SSH Access To The Server(s)?

Yes and No.

Yes, you get ssh access to all servers you deploy.

No, you do not get ssh access to the server running your private instance of the WPCloudPanel service.

Can We Move Our VPS To A Different Region?

Yes, you can. Just open a support ticket or send an email to [email protected] and we'll get it done for you.


7+ Cloud Providers

Plus, if you need a server from a service without a direct connection just let us know and we'll hook it up for you.

  • Vultr

  • UpCloud

  • Hetzner

  • Exoscale